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e-commerce corporate storesCompany eStores: Making Ordering Branded Products Even Easier!

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The Challenge:

To ensure that your corporate identity and brand is represented and reproduced consistently according to company guidelines and promoted only on pre-selected, top-quality customized promotional products that are readily and easily available to approved individuals and groups.Time for a Company eStore!

The Solution:

It's time to have AdWEAR + PromoSTUFF custom-design a Company eStore for you.

Today's Company eStore

In the past, corporate Company eStores were often on-site employee "tuck shops" or programs featuring circulated paper catalogues. Today's on line Company eStore is most often web-based, making it highly flexible, easy-to-use and open 24-7!Corporate Company eStores are always open!

The typical web-based store (click here to see live sample stores) offers between 20 and 40 approved, pre-decorated products available for immediate delivery. Because these items are in stock, individual employees can order as few as one item and have it delivered to the location of their choice within 24 hours or less!It's easy to keep your Company eStore fresh with new premium products

The store also facilitates larger specialized, non-stocked "department orders" of dozens or hundreds of any premium product (including, but certainly not limited to logo pens and logo shirts). We provide a dedicated store team that is always available to help plan, source, and deliver your company's special, highly customized projects.

Our Company eStores are designed to support ongoing relationships: between companies and their individual employees/vendors/dealers/customers, between head offices and branch divisions, and between you and us (your promotional product source). Typical store contracts run 24 months. Product changes are made to fit your needs and are usually done seasonally. Click here for other frequently asked questions.

With an AdWEAR + PromoSTUFF Company eStore, you will be able to focus on your core business

Focus on our business - let us worry about about your promotional products.We'll do everything. Including the day-to-day responsibilities of processing orders, purchasing, managing inventory, picking, packing, tracking, shipping and monthly reporting.

AdWEAR + PromoSTUFF Company eStores Defined

An AdWEAR + PromoSTUFF Company eStore is user-friendly by nature (click here to take a tour of a sample store). It's easy for employees, managers, dealers, customers and shareholders to buy custom-decorated company merchandise quickly, worry-free, at minimum cost, risk and hassle with maximum company control and flexibility.

Our store packages feature:

Corporate Company eStores - custom tailored to your needs

Experienced professionals to help plan and design your custom-tailored store

Online Company eStores

Advanced online technology, payment options and store features

Industry savvy and knowledge to select the right blend of products

Impeccable decoration of each and every item

Warehousing and inventory of products

Order fulfillment & rush shipping

Reporting tools for easy measurement and detailed store analysis

There are many types of Company eStores. Their common goal is to make promo products and incentives easily available to your stakeholders regardless of quantity, timing, or location--all at the best possible price.

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