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 It takes more than a fancy website to become an industry leader. It takes leadership. It takes vision. It's all about people. It's taken us over forty years to build the perfect team to meet your needs. Industry-trained and knowledgeable, our management team is more than just sales or customer service. Our non-commission Account Managers work closely with you pre, during, and post-delivery to make sure every aspect of your promotion is done just right. We listen. Our goal is to make promotional products easy and worry-free for you. Check out our enthusiastic and experienced senior team members who are ready to help in any situation and solve any promotional challenge, then give us a call. 



Name Lorne Merkur 
Title Founder
Responsibility Inspiration and Motivation
Length of Service Since 1970
Bio Lorne has "worn every hat" including production, sales and marketing, accounting and office management. He's real happy now, still dabbling in every pie but concentrating on keeping Merkur & Sister focused, trim and centered.
Email lorne@adwear.ca
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Name Anna Guglietta

Production Manager & Sales Coordinator

Responsibility Is there anything she doesn't do? 
Length of Service Since 1998 
Bio Sharp as a stick, nothing gets by Anna. She's the best traffic and production coordinator around. 
Email anna@adwear.ca
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Name Debbie Rzepa
Title Accounting and Office Manager 
Responsibility To keep the office running smoothly... 
Length of Service Since 2004 
Bio Debbie has a background in both accounting and office management. Since 2004, she has been responsible for accounts receivables and payables, payroll, and lots more around the office. If the fax machine breaks down, the copier runs out of paper, or one of our suppliers is looking for payment, everyone knows who to call! 
Email debbie@adwear.ca
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Name Mishail Pawa
Title Senior Account Executive 
Responsibility To work closely with both Lorne and Anna to coordinate print and embroidery, and extensive contact with clients with both new business and client services. 
Length of Service Since 2004 
Bio Mishail has been a pillar to AdWEAR - and a big part of it's success. His drive to succeed has him always looking for new challenges, projects and ways to learn and evolve. As a senior manager, Mishail mentors staff, works on the business and leads by example. When he's not in the promo world, his two young boys, family circle and friends keeps him occupied.
Email mishail@adwear.ca
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Name David Aiello
Title Account Executive 
Responsibility New Sales & eStore Coordination 
Length of Service Since 2009 
Bio David has a background in creative writing/journalism and promotion. After working in government for 10 years, David has become an essential asset to Mishail's team specializing in client contact, eStores and production. 
Email dave@adwear.ca
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Name Elena Potapova
Title Sales & Production Coordinator
Responsibility Working closely with Account Managers, responsible for day to day production, sales support and eStore fulfilment 
Length of Service Since 2018
Bio Elena brings enthusiasm and a fresh pair of eyes to the AdWEAR. Her warm personality and customer service expertise has allowed her to catch on quickly and become a vital part of the team. Her attention to detail has helped her excel in eStores fulfillment and production management. 
Email elena@adwear.ca
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