Art Specs

Art Specs.


Digital art must be provided in vector formats such as Corel DRAW (.cdr), Adobe Illustrator (.ai or .eps) or Adobe Acrobat (.pdf). Please save all fonts to curves or outlines. Use a compression program (such as WinZIP or Stuffit) when sending larger or multiple files.

Please send artwork as clean, colour separated, camera ready, and 600 DPI or higher.

Always send us a hard copy with colour-breaks and Pantone numbers! Examples of artwork that is NOT camera ready: photographs, photocopies, faxed art, gifs, powerpoint (.pps), letterhead, business cards, jpegs, word (.doc or.wdp)

Art that requires touching up, colour separation, made to one colour or is received NOT camera ready is subject to additional charges. These charges are assessed according to the amount of time required to convert to camera ready. Call us for more info!

Four-colour process artwork should be provided digitally on disk or emailed in a self-extracting (.sea) or zipfile (.zip), along with a colour output for reference. WE MUST HAVE A COLOUR PROOF WITH ORDER!

The only exceptions are for laser printing and embroidery laser printing and embroidery, where in many cases we can work off high quality colour reproductions.

We can't work from scans for two main reasons. Unlike vector artwork, scans can't be manipulated because they weren't created on a computer. A scan is like a photograph - it can't be changed. Vector art is comprised of several different elements that an artist can manipulate, and/or change on the screen, scanned art is one flat unified and generally too coarse element that can't be changed in any way.

For example, if the logo needs to be made larger, the quality of the artwork will decrease. Here's an example of an original JPEG and it's enlargement. Notice how blurry and rough the edges are?


Due to most printing processes, we must be able to divide up the art into each of the (spot or process) print colours. Only Vector art allows for this colour separation.


If the logo needs to be made larger, the artist can do so without effecting the quality of the artwork.

With vector art, we can "touch up" the art, in this case adding a "TM".